Secure Storage and Secure Vault

For individuals and organisations who need compliance, control and collaboration, UNIQUEDOC provides peace of mind when it comes to data protection. Private information is securely stored, transferred and shared in your Secure Storage using both industry approved and UNIQUEDOC’s own state-of-the-art encryption.

The Secure Vault within Secure Storage takes security to the next level by requiring an extra password. If you lose your password to your Secure Vault, there’s no way to recover it. Setting a new password will wipe any existing files, so make it memorable!


Upload files to Secure Storage

To upload files to your Secure Storage, click the Upload button. You can:

  • Select files from your device (2GB maximum size)
  • Drag & Drop files on the pop-up and they will automagically upload
  • Capture an image (or record Video) from your device, to be saved directly into your Secure Storage.


Viewing files in Secure Storage

To access your secure files click on ‘All files’ in the main left hand menu. Double click on the folder row (or single clicking the folder name or icon) to open the folder. The breadcrumb trail shows where you are in the folder hierarchy. View your Public Files, Private files, Shared Files or Secure Vault

Single clicking on a file opens the Preview. Click out of the preview pop-up to close it.

Single clicking on a folder row opens the Footer Task Bar. Actions that you can perform are: delete, move, view files, and download.

Clicking the information icon on the right hand side opens the Details pane. You can rename a folder/file by clicking the name. Click out to save. You can see who you have shared the file with, its size, and when it was created.


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