Creating Groups

A key element of the UNIQUEDOC platform is the ability to create Public and Private Groups, enabling members to collaborate with like-minded individuals. Public Groups are indexed and searchable within the platform, whilst Private Groups are not displayed in search results and may only be joined and accessed when a user has been invited to join the group. Private Groups and Groups to which users have admin rights are indicated as such.

A member of a Public Group can invite any of their own Connections to join that Group. The number of Groups you can create and join is dependent on your UNIQUEDOC plan.

Each Group has its own Activity feed, Announcements and Discussion functionality, allowing detailed feedback on issues of interest, and more general points to integrate seamlessly within your Groups activities. Owners and administrators can also create Group Events.
A UNIQUEDOC Group with the News feed open.(pic)
A UNIQUEDOC Group with an open Discussion window.(pic)

Guide Groups
A UNIQUEDOC Group with the News feed open.
A UNIQUEDOC Group with an open Discussion window.


Managing Group members

If you are the creator of a Group, you will see a gear icon from where you can edit and manage your Group. You can invite more members and remove or block users should the need arise.

Group owners can promote other members to be administrators. In this Group, Rob is an admin and Jackye is the owner. Group owners can also transfer ownership to other members should they choose to leave the Group.

Users also have access to the ‘UNIQUEDOC Tips’ group a public group for all users updated with useful hints and tips.


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