The UNIQUEDOC Dashboard gives you an overview of your network and keep tabs on all recent activity. The dashboard also includes a search feature in the following categories: People, Businesses, Groups, Discussions, current and expired Events, via the search field at the top of each page. (note: search term must be at least 3 characters long)

Working from the Dashboard you are able to view files and discussions added to your Groups, see new connection requests via Notifications, keep an eye on your Email inbox, and start a secure Chat.

It’s also easy to open your latest Chats via the secure Chat, and with one look you can see what events you have on your Calendar. The Dashboard has links to all the communication and collaboration tools on the UNIQUEDOC platform: secure Chat, Email, and Secure Storage.

The UNIQUEDOC Dashboard: one glance keeps you up-to-date with your network’s activity.


The Communications Wheel

Communications wheel

To communicate with one of your contacts click on ‘Connections’ in your Dashboard. Here you will see all your contacts (in alphabetical order).

Click on the avatar of the person you want to connect with. This will open their Communications Wheel: a handy short cut for connecting with them via a voice call; for sending them a message; opening a chat window; (or making a video call – coming soon).

Here we are clicking on Tom’s avatar, opening the wheel, and selecting the message icon which opens a new Message window.


View a file from a Dashboard Notification

View files shared with you by your connections without downloading it to your device via your Dashboard Notifications.

Clicking on the file name opens the preview, which can be closed by clicking outside of the image.

Clicking on an avatar or the name within the Notification will take you to the Profile of the Connection in question.



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