Content Store – You can sell through UNIQUEDOC

Within the UNIQUEDOC web application you have the ability to sell your content.

Adding your offer.
Follow these simple steps to add your offer to the content store to make available to all UNIQUEDOC users.

1. Upload the content/files you wish to sell into your Secure Storage.

2. Select the Content Store tab and click ‘Create new offer’.

Create new offer

3. Type in the Title, Description, Price and Selling limit.

create offer info

4. Select ‘Add files’, this will bring up your Secure Storage.

Add files

5. Select the file(s) you wish to add by clicking to highlight them.

your offers

6. Click on ‘Use’ and then on ‘Create’.

You are finished and the content is available in the Content Store.

Editing and deleting an offer.
Again this is quite easy.

Click on the information (i) next to your offer and this will bring up the Edit and Delete options.

Make your changes and Save. All done

edit your offer


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