UNIQUEDOC chat is fast, versatile and secure. You are able to attach images, video, document or audio files to individual and group Chats directly from your hard drive as well as images captured on the fly via your device’s camera and documents from your Secure Storage. You can also:

  • Search Chats
  • Clear a Chat history
  • Quickly add Connections to create group Chats.

Video or voice calls are started from inside the Chat interface. To make sure sensitive messages are not accessed or seen by people they are not intended for, use the historyless text option.


Mini Chat Bar

After starting your first Chat, the Mini Chat Bar will subsequently appear allowing quick access to the Chat window.

Full screen and minimise buttons at the top of the Chat window provide control of the interface. Close the Mini Bar using the ⌧ button; reopen from the Chat icon in the main menu bar.


Historyless Chat Messages

Clicking the historyless chat icon at the bottom of the chat window changes the text input field to black.

A historyless message will automagically delete after 3 hours. Regular messages can be edited and deleted manually by clicking on individual message bubbles.


Your Profile page allows you to add the following details: your specialisation, your current position, which organisation you currently work for, and where you’re based. The more information you add, the harder our Suggested Connections algorithm will work to find you interesting potential Connections. You can also share a short biography, and your academic and professional experience.



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