UNIQUEDOC allows you to manage your calendar for all your personal and group activity. It gives you the opportunity to organise activities such as international conferences, group chat or video calls, local events for networking and sharing specialist knowledge, incorporating these into group discussions.

Just like Groups, Events in your calendar can be Public or Private. Private events that have been scheduled and marked as Private are by invite only and, in the same way as Private Groups, will not show up in any search queries. Each Event also has an Activity feed allowing attendees to attach files from their Secure Storage and capture images from their local devices and add these to the event page.
iCal (.ics) files

You can import UNIQUEDOC Events into a calendar of your choice by downloading the iCal (.ics) file for that Event. Alternatively, send the iCal (.ics) file to the email address associated with your UNIQUEDOC account. Read more about iCal (.ics).


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