Secure Data storage and collaboration for law firms and legal professionals

Keeping your client data secure is essential. UNIQUEDOC helps Legal professionals and law firms manage confidential data in a secure and compliant way from any device. The additional collaboration features on the UNIQUEDOC platform allow secure communication between colleagues.

Keep client data secure with UNIQUEDOC

All information contained and accessed in UNIQUEDOC is protected and encrypted by a user’s email, password and pin login. Private data is only accessible to invited users who can view content within a closed intranet environment, allowing companies and their users to communicate securely.

Boost your client confidence

Today individuals want to know that their sensitive information is being stored securely. Private information is securely stored in disparate geographical locations and guarded by state-of-the-art encryption, the levels of which can be controlled by the user to ensure a complete, yet flexible data management solution.

Keep any discussions with your colleagues confidential

With UNIQUEDOC the additional features allow Chat with other your colleagues or team on UNIQUEDOC. The chat feature provides fast secure option combining the best of SMS and email across all platforms. For ultimate confidentiality for sensitive conversations users can activate the historyless text option.

Secure Vault

For users needing ultimate security The Secure Vault within Secure Storage takes security to the next level by requiring an additional password. Read more about the Secure Vault here

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