Manage your business data securely with UNIQUEDOC

Security is increasingly important when it comes to storing and managing your business data. Under the new GDPR Laws all businesses and organisations must ensure they are handling their data responsibly. UNIQUEDOC Business Solutions keeps your business data safe and secure.

Does your business handle personal data? Choose UK based UNIQUEDOC secure cloud storage solutions for your business communication and customer, supplier and employee data.

With UNIQUEDOC encrypted cloud storage solution, users can securely store and manage data as well as collaborate with staff or remote team easily.

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UNIQUEDOC secure cloud storage solutions for all your data needs

Data Security

Store and manage your documents, files and multimedia SECURELY. Stay safe on any device. UNIQUEDOC helps professionals manage confidential data in a secure and compliant way from any device. The additional collaboration features on the UNIQUEDOC platform allow secure communication between colleagues.

Secure Communication

UNIQUEDOC offers additional collaboration features allowing you to simplify communication with your team with a secure shared workspace with NO THIRD PARTY TRACKING. Businesses handling sensitive client information can enable secure conversations within the platform to ensure privacy.

Minimize the risks of data breach

Businesses storing client data, newsletter mailing lists and staff information can be safe in the knowledge that UNIQUEDOC security features will keep your information secure and help to avoid data breaches.

GDPR Compliance

Businesses must demonstrate GDPR compliance as of May 2018. By adding UNIQUEDOC to your GDPR tool kit you are safe in the knowledge that your business data is secure.

UK Based

All UNIQUEDOC servers are based in the UK, so you know where your data is.

Team Efficiency

Save time and keep everyone informed and up to date with out having to attend face to face meetings.


Take your office with you – securely. Access your files on any device. UNIQUEDOC mobile apps come with built-in end-to-end encryption.


Working with freelancers? Add short term team members and freelancers securely and easily.



If you have any questions about UNIQUEDOC secure storage and collaboration solutions, please get in touch with our team.

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