UNIQUEDOC Features- More than just Secure Storage

UNIQUEDOC UK based secure cloud storage solution offers users end-to-end encrypted security, Zero Knowledge Secure Vault as well as including features to manage team projects and tasks. Simplify communication with your team with a secure shared workspace.

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Share and store your files securely
UNIQUEDOC secure storage gives users the ability to store and share data helping you keep your business and client information safe. Private information is securely stored in disparate geographical locations and guarded by state-of-the-art encryption, with additional Zero Knowledge Security.



Chat with members of your team quickly
Chat with your colleagues or team on the UNIQUEDOC platform. The chat feature provides fast secure option combining the best of SMS and email accessible across all devices. For ultimate confidentiality or sensitive conversations, users can activate the historyless text option.




Collaborate with your team effectively
For more detailed discussions with easy sending and sharing of multiple file types as attachments, UNIQUEDOC Messaging enables collaboration in a trusted environment, safe in the knowledge that information is not stored locally on the user’s device.




The UNIQUEDOC internal email feature gives you the ability to manage your inbox attach and share files without security concerns. Internal Email and easy sending and sharing of multiple file types UNIQUEDOC enables collaboration in a trusted environment so you can be safe in the knowledge that information is not stored locally on the user’s device.



Organise your workflow
Manage your meetings and tasks with ease. Use the calendar feature for all your personal and group entries. Receive notifications and . When you request or accept ‘meetings’ from another user, the details will automatically be updated and added to your calendar.




Manage multiple teams and projects
The UNIQUEDOC Groups feature is a great way to manage different aspects of your business or project. Create groups for different aspects of your project or business. You can choose who to add to each group you create. The Group feature is a great way to organise events and conferences.




Plan and organise events
UNIQUEDOC creates the opportunity to search new international conferences and local events for networking or specialist knowledge opportunities and incorporate these into groups discussions and conversations.




Stay connected with your team
This unique feature allows all team members to stay in touch with the entire UNIQUEDOC network for general updates and events. Users can post articles comments or let others know what they are promoting which will be visible across the platform.




Profile yourself
Network within the UNIQUEDOC platform and let other users find out more about your business. Add your profile image and details and select your preferred settings. Custom profiles allows users to set their own privacy levels. Choose what is shown publicly and privately via a unique URL link to your profile to send to connections and colleagues.



Device independent

Available for all platforms as a WebApp, iOS and Android apps, UNIQUEDOC also empowers patient-centred collaboration through secure file sharing, event and conference planning, groups, discussions and access to industry research and new product development.