Working with Freelancers

Working with Freelancers

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Tips for Working with Freelancers

Outsourcing to a remote team can be a cost effective solution for most businesses. Working with freelancers on a short term or flexible basis, ensuring everyone is kept up to date with information and collaborating on new ideas, can be challenging.

As hiring freelancers and independent contractors continues to become more popular, more and more businesses and organisations will depend on freelance staff accessing information and data. The May 2018 GDPR regulations will also have an impact on how businesses and organisations manage freelancers.

Working with Freelancers can present the biggest GDPR risks for HR professionals collecting, controlling and process the data for employees, contractors and freelancers.

Finding a Freelancer

Looking for your ideal freelancer can be daunting. Once you have clearly defined your tasks, skills required and budget, start your search. There are a range of online market places including fiverr and people per hour.

Will they get a job done quickly and effectively? Select your initial favourites and start looking at their profile and past jobs. Look at any reviews and ratings for past jobs, to help determine they have the skills you will need. If possible start with a small non-urgent task to test out their working style and ability to meet deadlines.

Compare your selection and choose your top 3 options and contact them for a quote.

Communication is key

Once you have decided on your freelancer clearly outline the project to them. Highlight the things you expect in the project and agree what you would consider to be a successful result.

Budget and pricing

Consider milestone payments for lengthy projects. Or break the project down into several smaller projects that each can be priced, delivered and paid quickly.

Keep communication 2 way

Don’t just sit back and wait for the final results. Be prepared to answer any questions, or give feedback throughout the process if it is required.

Ongoing Relationship

With a successful project or task completed ensure you pay on time. If there are options to post reviews, share a helpful testimonial. This will be appreciated by your freelancer and will help to develop an ongoing working relationship.

A good working relationship with your freelancer can be a huge benefit to your business allowing you to delegate effectively and focus on the more important tasks.

Storing your freelancer Data

The incoming GDPR changes will impact the data collected on freelancers and how it is used within businesses and organisations of all sizes. If you collect data, you’ll need to comply, whether the data is a document or spreadsheet on your computer or device.

By using UNIQUEDOC to store your client details and sharing your sensitive data, you can be safe in the knowledge that your information is secure.
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